2020 BMW M340I Xdrive Spec

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2020 BMW M340i Xdrive Spec – A month Later presenting the seventh generation of its Series 3 Sedan, BMW unveils its first sports version, 2020 BMW M340i xDrive.

Throughout its recent demonstration In the Paris Motor Show, the new BMW 3 Series had only four-cylinder motors beneath its hood, in petrol as in gas. It might have been feared that the best-selling Bavarian no more eligible for the famous six-cylinder blocks online, apart from the very sporty M3.

However, The lovers of the brand are reassured, BMW today unveils a new variant M340i xDrive, strong of 374 hp obtained from a six-cylinder 3.0 turbo. As its name suggests , this 2020 BMW M340i is associated with the xDrive all-wheel drive, as the eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission is imposed.

2020 BMW M340I Sport Sedan First Look | Kelley Blue Book with 2020 BMW M340I Xdrive Spec

2020 BMW M340i xDrive Changes

The Change from its predecessor isn’t limited to a small”M” and 48 hp more. The automobile inaugurates a brand-new version of its own six-cylinder three-liter, whose injection and supercharging have been redesigned while the all-wheel drive and automatic transmission eventually become mandatory. BMW fans who swear by the propulsion and manual transmission (we understand ) will be for their expense. We could try out this version in preview on the circuit of Portimao, in Portugal, quite technical and undulating, well ahead of the launch that will happen in summer 2019. That is why our version of evaluation in configuration American was wearing a slight camouflage.

2020 BMW M340i Performance

Associated with all the ample torque of 500 Nm, allows the Series 3 to show decent performance, with a 0 to 100 km / h shot at 4.4 s. The competitor Audi S4, whose V6 3.0 turbo grows 20 hp significantly less (354 hp) is thus left behind three tenths (4.7 s), whereas the old M3 431 hp is almost captured (4.1 s with the DKG box). That claims for the future M3!

The M340i has over a few technical refinements, like a particular suspension M, a differential M Sport, or even a optimized braking system. Visually, just a couple subtle details distinguish the M340i from the other 3 Series, such as 18-inch M wheels, whose grey color is taken in the grille or the mirrors hulls.

Just like the Mercedes C43 and Audi S4, 2020 the BMW M340i offers the All-Wheel Drive, but unlike the Competitor, the AWD BMW is optional. The BMW M430i with xDrive will have the ability to achieve 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds, while the highest rate is 155mph.

Interior & Equipment

The Cabins of this new 2020 BMW M340i and M340i xDrive Sedans are designed to supply a contemporary space with a focus on driving pleasure. The driver, front passenger and those travel at the three rear seats will appreciate the extra space within the predecessor, not only on long-distance journeys but also in everyday driving. Higher quality materials, precise build quality, and numerous meticulously crafted particulars set the tone for the refined premium character of this four-door sedan.

And have an even greater selection of adjustment. Premium Vernasca leather seats with contrast piping and stitching can be found as an option. The Anthracite BMW Individual roof liner, the M leather steering wheel with shift paddles and interior trim strips in Aluminum Tetragon provide a performance-oriented ambiance.

Shoulder room in the front of this Cottage has grown while passengers in the rear benefit from legroom, and all occupants today appreciate more headroom than in the new BMW 3 Series Sedan’s predecessor. Chairs comfort at the rear was improved significantly, and long journeys are now a more comfortable experience for the passenger in the center of the 3 rear seats.

Obtaining In and out of this car has become easier for the rear passengers in the new automobile, as the modified roof edge and side skirt contouring have increased the height of the door aperture, while the space between the front and back seats was extended by 0.4 inches. The back compartment can accommodate a row of three child seats, two of which can be secured into position using ISOFIX anchor points. This is now a simpler process, as the pubs in question are placed further to either side.

2020 BMW M340i xDrive Price

At The period of writing, the costs of this 2020 BMW M340i xDrive are not known. It should not be suspected however to forecast high inflation compared to flame the 340i F30 which was still accessible in simple propulsion and manual gearbox. The new are also delivered automatically with 18-inch wheels. Our version of evaluation received him the optional 19 inches which were paved with exceptional tires Michelin Pilot Sport 4. Finally, there isn’t going to be anymore the choice between the completions since the car will automatically be delivered in version M Performance.

It is, therefore, reasonable to anticipate a cost Increase of $20,000 in relation to the preceding BMW 340i Lounge of 326 hp, charged $49,700, even though it had been flowing very small in this finish. ‘access. It’ll be required to add an amount of ecological penalty 2019 of 5 340 $, down in comparison to the present version, because BMW announces precisely the same emission amount of 172 g / km of CO 2.

2020 BMW M340i Release Date

The Brand new BMW M340i xDrive has its initial crowd-pleas for the Los Angeles series, which opens on November 30th. But it will be required to wait until July 2019 for it to enter the marketplace.


The M340i will not be Alone on the track once it arrives next summer. It will face the Mercedes C-Class C 43 AMG, stronger and probably more expensive with its 390 hp V6 and its own price of $71,699. Additionally, it adopts electrical drive, just like the Audi S4, which also uses a V6, 354 hp. Its cost is very near that of their Mercedes to 71 930 $.

The Jaguar XE and The Alfa Romeo Giulia do not offer an equivalent version, the initial not supplying a multicylinder and the second reserving the QV. On the other hand, Volvo will propose following year a rechargeable T6 hybrid version of its S60 sedan with the ability of 340 hp very close to that of the BMW. It’s also theorized that Peugeot is preparing a GT hybrid version of over 300 hp of its 508 Read Peugeot 508 Hybrid: 2 sports variations under study, however a BMW 3 Series hybrid probably more akin is also in preparation.

On The Road

As we have said, BMW Automatically equips its 2020 BMW M340i xDrive using an all-wheel drive. This, nevertheless, retains a predominance of propulsion, further amplified by the series mounting of a mechanical limited slip differential with digital direction. This supplies a variable locking amount based on the grip, which provides the car a more directional curve. Added to our test version damping piloted M. We could put to the test these novelties on the circuit, in fairly difficult conditions, the course of Portimao alternating the afternoon of our test dry and wet zones, enough to appreciate fifty grades of tire adhesion.

We Know the track event isn’t always persuasive a run car: a fantastic car can make a lousy street car and vice versa. In this case, the M340i has done quite well from case as a result of an superb balance of masses. Without being radical, it made us feel its mass, or even braking which can be immediately overcome in these conditions. Rather linear, the six-cylinder distills its amazing tone of voice usual. We could try several modes of this stability control system. In Sport, it lets float fairly consistent, perfectly predictable elsewhere in the wet. The degree of performance is adequate so the car is never in power shortage on the circuit, which is saying a whole lot. Finally, so far as we could judge about the smooth bitumen of this course, the amount of comfort stays perfectly honorable. Obviously, we will need to confirm these impressions on the street, in which automatic and full transmissions are more meaningful.


Of Course, we stay inconsolable to see the two strands become Permanently inaccessible to ordinary mortals. A finding Which Should not Overshadow the attributes of this 2020 BMW M340i xDrive, which stay to Be verified on the street. Very balanced, strong and incredibly easy to Handle, she asserts herself as a sportswoman to do everything, as Versatile as an Audi S4 while demonstrating more talent for drifting on the circuit. The Challenging sportsman Will Surely be a little frustrated with But for a Cost probably equal, it has the M2 competition, which Keeps the features of a old-fashioned BMW, turbo apart.

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